DROP is a simple and affordable injection moulded plastic bucket inspired by normality and basic objects of every day life. The design of DROP is inspired by qualities that were found throughout research in archetypal buckets and the production of plastic household products.DROP’s design is elegant with well-proportioned lines; its colour range is thoughtfully and clearly defined; Blue, yellow and green with a red handle. A texture on the outer surface of the bucket suggests small evaporating bubbles of water and offers an extra grip to its user.

DROP is made in Belgium from recyclable LDPE. Dimensions Ø 30 cm x H 30cm / Capacity 13L. Produced by XALA (BE)

Sylvain Willenz : “When it comes down to something as purely functional as a bucket, the one thing you want is for it to work perfectly and be pleasant to use as well as beautiful. So when XALA asked us to design a bucket, we thought it would be sensible to investigate things such as colour, texture, the right plastic, the best feeling in hand, beautiful lines and elegant proportions. The bucket simply had to be perfect, and perfectly executed”.

DROP is available in 3 colors: bleu, green and yellow.

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